Signing of MoU CFT Región Los Lagos and STC International

On the 11th of June 2019, a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) for an unlimited period of time has been signed between the Centro de Formación Técnica Estatal de la Región de Los Lagos, Chile (“CFT Región Los Lagos”) and STC International.

 The MoU was signed at the headquarters of STC International in Rotterdam, in the presence of Mrs. María Cristina Infante, ambassador of Chile in The Netherlands.

The Chilean government has created 15 public Vocational Training Centres in the different regions of the country. 5 of them are already operational. One of this 5 is the CFT Región Los Lagos. CFT Región Los Lagos’s mission is to train high level technicians, with emphasis on the quality of technical education and the improvement of their employability in order to be able to participate in the world of work with highly qualified career paths.

The objectives of the MoU are:

  • to foster academic agreements that allow students of the career of Logistics Operations of the CFT Región Los Lagos, to finalize their studies with a three months module at STC International in Rotterdam.
  • to look for opportunities and possibilities of cooperation in double degree programs in both countries.