SEST-SENAT commissions STC and Erasmus UPT for IWT course

In August 2021, SEST-SENAT, the largest Brazilian transport-related training, and education institute has commissioned STC International and Erasmus UPT a high management level certificate course, the International Certificate for Inland Water Transport Management, to be carried out by the two organizations throughout the years 2021 and 2022.

The topics of the course will comprise eight (8) modules

  1. Logistics, quality, and SCM for multimodal transport
  2. Waterway infrastructure
  3. Technical and economic analysis of transport systems
  4. Design of navigation equipment and navigation aids
  5. Transport systems analysis, traffic management, and modeling
  6. Techniques of sustainable operational management for waterways and multimodal transport
  7. Assessment and decision-making tools and strategies in the field of transport
  8. Port Management

SEST-SENAT, through their Transport and Logistics Institute (ITL) will be recruiting 40 Brazilian managers from the inland water sector to be trained with the best Dutch perspective on the subject.

More information and subscription can be accessed on ITL´s website here.