Biennial 2019

From September 16th till September 18th the fourth biennial was held in Rotterdam.

The main purpose of the biennial of STC International is to strengthen the mutual bonds and optimizing the operational efficiency of STC International and her daughter companies and representative offices. This is done through sharing knowledge, resources and networks between all entities related to STC International and the foundation STC Group.

The central theme of the Biennial 2019 was cooperation, sharing and communication now and in the future. By sharing knowledge, resources and networks, cooperation and communication STC International and the Foundation STC Group will grow stronger and it will enable the entities to enlarge their footprint National as well as International. In this way the entities can operate in the most flexible and efficient way.

The general conclusion of the Biennial 2019 was the importance of sharing knowledge, resources and networks between all entities of the foundation STC Group worldwide. The joint forces will make the Foundation STC Group stronger and able to operate more flexible in the international playing field. In addition, sharing knowledge, resources and networks will enable us all to widen our presence and footprint, locally and regionally by expanding our portfolio of education and training products as well as our consultancy activities. We have a lot challenges and work to do in the coming years!

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