Manager Port Operations

Ports and transport of goods by sea have always played a vital role in the global economy and will continue to be of great importance due to ever increasing globalisation and liberalisation of markets. Ports are the vital link between sea and land and the efficiency and effectiveness of ports are of utmost importance in the competitiveness of a port in a region. Just as important is the operational management of a wide variety of terminals, including its safety and security. Moreover, the finance and economics in a port environment determine the success of a total port. Still, human capital is of utmost importance in the growth of seaborne trade and its impact on ports.

Objectives The MPO programme includes all aspects of modern port operations and is a valuable asset to your organization and country. It provides the necessary tools to take up a future leadership role or management position at a port authority, port terminal or shipping related organisation and teaches how to make informed management decisions regarding functional issues. This Bachelor level programme is especially aimed at the practical side of port operations and is a valuable step for people seeking to reach a diploma in higher education in the field of Port & Terminal Management and Operations.

Upon completion of the programme, participants will have an excellent understanding of port operations, meeting the needs and requirements to act at management level in maritime, port, transport and logistics organisations.

Course 2020 Rotterdam: 24 November 2020 – 22 February 2021 Price: upon request

Paulo Solar (Chilean student), my experience after MPO Programme at STC Rotterdam: After MPO in 2015, I returned to Ultramar Agencia Maritima (Shipping Agency), Chile and they offered me an interesting challenge, to be a Business Analyst of Containers Logistics. That was how I changed from “execute processes” to “analyst how improve processes”.  In 2017, I started a new challenge as Head of the website of Ultramar Shipping Agency. My responsibility was to change the way of how to do the port transactions, moving its from diligences on site in each branch to the website transactions through digitalization. At the beginning of 2018, Pantos Logistics (Freight forwarding of the LG group) invited me to join them as Operations Manager, assuming the responsibility of controlling sea and air operation in Chili. In May 2018, I opened my own company together with two partners: Ignis Processes and Logistics SpA. “Ignis Pro” is a new company borned to offer technological solutions for the shipping and transport industries. Through the experience and knowledge I have gained, Ignis Pro is the best partner to deliver satisfactory experiences to customers through efficient processes with methodologies of continuous improvement.

For more information, read our leaflet Manager Port Operations.