Our team

STC International works with a team of maritime and logistics experts. From operational to tactical and strategic level, our experts provide training, consultancy, education, course development and research on (pre)vocational, Bachelor and Masters level.

Mr. A.Bos Director a.bos@stc-r.nl

Mrs. S.G. Pereira Marques Area manager Latin America s.g.pereira.marques@stc-r.nl
  Mr. D.O. Breda Senior Project Manager d.o.breda@stc-r.nl   Mr. M. Martinez Project Manager m.martinez@stc-r.nl

Mr. C.M. van Aar Senior Project Manager



Mr. D.J. Schutte Senior Project Manager d.j.schutte@stc-r.nl
Mr. A.A. Hofman Area manager South East Asia a.a.hofman@stc-r.nl Mrs. E. Verheij Project Management Officer e.verheij@stc-r.nl

Mr. A.J.P.F. Houtappels Senior Project Manager a.j.p.f.houtappels@stc-r.nl

Mr. S.M. Wubbolts Area Manager Middle East & Africa s.m.wubbolts@stc-r.nl



Ms. S.M. Melis Travel administration s.m.melis@stc-r.nl