About us

STC International, member of STC Group, provides and transfers first class maritime and logistics knowledge to people, institutions and companies on a worldwide scale, increasing their level of education through courses, training, consultancy and applied sciences. By using the latest evidence-based techniques and methods within the entire STC Group, we provide sustainable and innovative education. We act accordingly in a number of countries.

Quality Policy

STC International is committed to pursue standards of excellence in all of its activities, namely:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Consultancy

STC International remains accountable for all its services through processes of self-evaluation and continuous improvement. Regular maintenance of our quality management system ensures both full compliance with applicable international law and regulations as well as meeting needs and expectations of our clients. In doing so we act according to our company values ‘Respectful, specialist craftsmanship and investigative approach’.

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  • Playing field

    STC International has stakes in several international organisations that provide corporate training and courses for companies, institutions and private individuals. We have branch offices in South Africa, Oman, Vietnam, the Philippines, Colombia and Mozambique and a management contract in Kazakhstan. Thereby serving the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Read more…
  • Team

    STC International works with a team of maritime and logistics experts. From operational to tactical and strategic level, our experts provide training, consultancy, education, course development and research on (pre)vocational, Bachelor and Masters level. Read more
  • Member of STC Group

    STC International is a member of STC Group, an educational and research institution for shipping, ports, transport and logistics and the port-related oil and chemical industry. Through a group of companies, institutions and departments, including STC International, STC Group offers education on pre-vocational, secondary vocational, higher vocational and Masters level to educate (future) professionals. Read more…
  • Dutch educational system

    The Dutch educational system consists of 8 years of primary education, 4, 5 or 6 years of secondary education (depending on the type of school) and 2 to 6 years of higher education (depending on the type of education and the specialisation). Read more…